One on One Coaching
Coaching is an outside set of eyes that help the participant stay focused on a particular outcome, change unproductive behaviors, and discover “blind spots” that drive unintended impact and outcomes. This especially applies to key individuals, but it can be useful for anyone in the organization. Our coaching is organized around the distinction “everything gets done in a network of people and how we operate in that network has an impact on others and the enterprise as a whole.”
The coaching is designed to have people significantly raise the bar on their effectiveness in the network. The duration and frequency of coaching is structured to your needs.

Executive Team Offsite
These are specialized programs tailored to Executive or management teams to impact their organizational performance through accelerated learning and skill development. The programs are residential, typically lasting three days and can accommodate up to 16 people. The content will vary depending on the issues to be addressed. However, each program will include accountability based listening and speaking, achieving authentic alignment, collaboration, Core Values, owning blind spots and building practices (behaviors) that create opportunities for performance. Every team that has gone through these programs has gained a new plateau of alignment, a new focus for achieving results, and a paradigm shift in how they see themselves and their team members’ ability to impact the organization.

Find your Executive Edge
A 2.5 day offsite for executives who want to upgrade themselves. Get innovative and creative about how to tap into your full potential and taking yourself and your company to the next level.
This is a breakthrough program specialized for key individuals to significantly enhance their leadership prowess. The program design is focused on rapid development in leadership for senior players; transforming leadership styles that are having unintended impacts on people and/or the organization and to bring powerful new distinctions in leadership, collaboration, and accountability. This program starts with Discovery, followed by a two-and-a-half-day intense off-site transformational process that leaves the participant with powerful new distinctions in their leadership style, effective management of their blind spots, and a plan for bringing greater value to the organization. The offsite process is followed by coaching to sustain and accelerate progress.
Strategic Planning & Alignment
This represents a specialized form of Facilitation, although we follow a similar approach. Most Strategic Planning Sessions have the brain power in the room to solve any strategic concern.


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