Business continuity management and consulting are transforming the landscape of many enterprises across the world, as they grow into a dynamic niche of its own. It comes as no surprise as more SMBs and entrepreneurs are shifting and making their moves into the digital landscape. To close more clients and stay ahead of the competition, one has to utilize a technology of certain sophistication. This involves having the knowledge and mastery of processes that have been tested and proven as successful, which necessitates the support for implementing unparalleled Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) plans.

Axcient empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with a multilayered suite of BC/DR technologies – all accessible through a single platform. With this, you gain the full capacity to protect and recover your clients’ data and digital assets with confidence, agility, and simplicity.

Our flagship products, Replibit and BRC, are enterprise-class solutions developed and designed to ensure the unparalleled operations and round-the-clock availability of your clients’ applications and IT infrastructure. No respectable operations management will want to risk exposure with preexisting, but fallible continuity plans. Having the speed and flexibility to respond in the event of a system crash, power outage, or even a natural disaster is an invaluable asset to any company relying on technology.

Imagine owning the capacity to affirm your clients that their businesses are fully protected, and no disruption can ever touch their daily operations. Allowing your clients to focus on improving their products and services without any worry of data loss is the impact of an effective business continuity management software.


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